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We deliver and design: cardboard packaging, pallets, LDPE bags, foam and EPS packaging fillings.

About us

GDSilesian is a company operating in the field of packaging solutions for industry and individual customers. The products we offer, including cartons, boxes, pallets and LDPE bags, are of the highest quality. Thanks to our wide range of products, we are able to meet the diverse requirements and expectations of our customers, providing the best and sustainable products that meet their packaging needs.



Our company offers a variety of sizes and types of cartons, ideal for storage, transport and presentation, with the highest quality. Trust us as experts in the field of cardboard packaging and find the perfect solution for your needs.


We offer a wide selection of high-quality pallets for transport and storage, made of wood and plastic. We provide competitive prices, fast delivery and professional service.

LDPE bags

We offer a wide selection of the highest quality LDPE bags, ideal for packing, storing and transporting various materials. Our bags are durable, flexible and resistant to damage, providing reliable protection.

Foam fillings and packaging

Our company offers a wide range of foam packaging ideally suited to the individual requirements of customers. Foam packaging made of polyethylene and polyurethane foams, which not only protect the packaged goods from damage, but also offer an attractive packaging design so that the value of your products is fully appreciated.

Metal packaging

We offer a wide range of metal products that are necessary in logistics processes, starting from storage, picking and transport. Well-chosen packaging guarantees the improvement of logistics processes, safety and elimination of losses, and thus generates profit for the company.

Custom packaging

We offer innovative packaging solutions tailored to your individual needs. Our custom packaging is designed with optimal functionality, aesthetics and durability in mind.

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