Foam fillings and packaging

Our company offers a wide range of foam packaging ideally suited to the individual requirements of customers. Foam packaging made of polyethylene and polyurethane foams, which not only protect the packaged goods from damage, but also offer an attractive packaging design so that the value of your products is fully appreciated. We provide a wide selection of foams with various parameters and properties to meet the diverse needs of customers.

XPE foam is a material that, thanks to its fine-porous structure, has useful mechanical properties for use in packaging technology. XPE foam ensures high strength and durability. The foam is particularly resistant to deformation and wear, as well as to moisture, chemicals and UV radiation. Another advantage of XPE foam is that it does not leave scratches on delicate, painted or chrome surfaces.

Therefore, it is often used to protect electronic products, car parts and high-value furniture during transport and storage.

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