We offer a wide selection of high-quality pallets for transport and storage, made of wood and plastic. We provide competitive prices, fast delivery and professional service. We use raw material that comes from proven suppliers and sustainable sources.

We make standard (EU, EPAL), industrial, construction, single and reusable pallets, pallet collars, box pallets. We also produce special pallets that we develop together with our customers according to their requirements. Finished pallets, whether they have been treated, kiln-dried or not, are always stored under cover. This ensures that the quality of the pallets is maintained as they are protected from the elements.

The EPAL Europallet is a reliable, standardized load carrier made of wood, which is the standard in industry and logistics around the world. It allows for safe transport and robust storage with optimal industrial security.
Disposable pallets are intended for one-time transport of cargo, they do not have to meet the strict criteria of EPAL Euro pallets, they are cheap to produce, and additionally, the costs of their return are omitted. Disposable pallets are used for export to countries outside Europe or for transport to the end consumer.
Industrial pallets are used to transport goods between industry and trade. The pallets are built to be extremely robust, guaranteeing safe transport and absolute stability. They are extremely durable and durable.
Construction pallets are used to safely store various building materials, limiting their damage.
Plastic pallets are widely used as a load carrier for sensitive sectors such as the chemical, food and automotive industries. Such a pallet is characterized by a solid construction and a combination of many reliable product features that ensure the highest degree of stability and safety.

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